What Travel Gadgets Do We Use?

What Travel Gadgets Do We Use?

You don’t need expensive cameras, the latest mobile phones or other professional gadgets to make your travel experiences more interesting and memorable. But if you are curious to see what gadgets we carry on our escapes, here’s a little list.

In this blog post, you’ll find everything we regularly carry and use on our trips to beautiful destinations. We’ve also included a few links below from our Amazon shopfront to help you find travel gadgets at reasonable prices.


We use a Nikon D3400 2017 edition with the stock lens combo – one 18-55 mm primary lens for landscapes, city and street photos, and a 70-300 mm zoom lens for rare wildlife and landscape shots. This model is perfect to get started with and is very reasonably priced. You can choose to get this without the zoom lens for a better price.

See more about the camera and the camera+lens combo

Action Camera

We recently began using the Akaso V50 Elite, a full-touchscreen action camera that comes with an waterproof housing as well. It shoots in 4K 60 fps with electronic image stabilization. The standard pack ships with two batteries and a bunch of accessories including the underwater diving case. Get a floating grip – its a lifesaver in deep water!

See more about the action camera, the accessories and the floating grip

iPhone and Oneplus 6

We stay connected using an Apple Iphone XR 64GB and a Oneplus 6 128GB. We use the iPhone to make 4k videos for our Youtube channel and to shoot short videos for social media along with the Oneplus. Besides this, we take advantage of multiple apps to make our content while travelling, so having smooth-running devices with plenty of storage and battery life can come in very handy.

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Amazon Kindle

As much as we want to, carrying a hardback classic isn’t always possible. But our Amazon Kindle Paperwhite makes up for this. With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you get access to an enormous library of books across genres and languages. If you have an eBook of your own, just store it on the Kindle to read it.

Check out Kindle Unlimited options and compare the devices here


A gimbal can make any videoshoot instantly professional. The main use of a gimbal is to stabilize the device it is connected to, be it a mobile phone, an action camera or even a DSLR/mirrorless camera.

Check out this gimbal and many others here

Universal Adapter

A common problem when you are travelling outside your home country – not finding the right plug point or power outlet for your dying gadget. These adapters resolve the problem by allowing you to connect to any plug across Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. However, keep in mind that they do not alter the voltage (as needed for USA power outlets).

See more about the adapter we use


If you want to capture stable photos, or you want to make long exposure photography, or just don’t have anyone who will click pictures for you, then a tripod is the best choice. Tripods come in multiple sizes and capacities, so it is important to pick one that can handle the device you want to use on it, especially if that device is a heavy DSLR camera.

We currently use an AmazonBasics Tripod with our Nikon D3400. For quick use, we also carry a Manfrotto Pixi that mostly stays connected to the camera. Both tripods also accommodate the Action Cam.

See where you can buy the tripod and mini tripod

Storage and Backup

This has to be one of the most important items on your travel gadget list! Make sure you have the right type of SD or MicroSD cards for your camera and phone. These days, the read-write speeds of memory cards are good – Class 10 or higher is best for efficient and quick photo and video shooting. We’ve used Sandisk, Toshiba, Strontium, Transcend and PNY 32GB and 16GB cards

Always have a large capacity HDD or SDD to take backups of the content on your SD cards. We use a Seagate 2TB HDD and another Seagate 1TB HDD for secondary backup. We backup processed content (like edited photos and videos) in the Cloud.

Check out good deals on storage devices here


We carry our earphones just in case we need some ‘me’ time on the road. It is especially useful on long flight journeys. Having used a Plantronics Backbeat (wireless) and Skullcandy Ink’d (wired) earphones for a long time now, we can wholeheartedly recommend both these brands for the quality!

Compare earphones here

If you have questions about our gear, let us know and we’ll gladly clarify or help you find something even better and useful!


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