We are Shishira & Navneeth 👫🏻

Hello! We’re Shishira and Navneeth, a couple from Bangalore, India. We love exploring places with our two backpacks and a lot of curiosity. Somewhere in 2017, we realised that we had useful travel tips to share and thats how this blog was born. We now publish detailed, free travel blogs to many destinations and also share our travel photography here and on Instagram.

In May 2022, we took a big step that we had been dreaming about for many years. We sold our belongings, moved out of our apartment and quit our jobs to travel the world full-time for one year! To share this experience with everyone, we began documenting our daily lives on our Youtube channel.

Our goal is to see as much of this beautiful world that we all live in and share the realities of living a full-time travel life and take you along on this amazing journey.


Ever since I could remember, I had a globe, an atlas and a world map in my room and the curiosity to experience the varieties of nature and culture pointed me to dream about a different country everyday. It was sometime in 2013, that I finally got to visit a new country, and there’s been no looking back since! I love shooting photos, writing about our experiences and dreaming endlessly about new destinations.


My idea of a perfect holiday was a beach, some great food and an amazing sunset – but after our first escape in Asia, I found myself falling for rich history, enthralling culture and the most beautiful landscapes! Dressing up and playing the camera’s muse is one of my favourite past-times while we’re travelling. I’m also the ‘accountant’ when we’re on the road – optimising our budget-friendly travel. 

Most asked questions 🤓

Why are you doing this?

We wanted to experience a life where we could explore new places, rich culture and delicious local food everyday. We believe that this is our way of living free and want to experience it for as long as we possibly can!

What did you do for work?

We were both working as auditors in the finance industry and did that for about 10 years. Our desk jobs were in our hometown of Bangalore and we never really travelled for work (unless you count the hours we spent in Bangalore traffic). We travelled on long weekends and used our vacation time-off to travel for one week, once every three months.

How long have you both been together?

We met in high school in 2009 and we’ve been together since. We got married in 2016 and our honeymoon was our first trip together. The place is linked on our Countries page and its page has a hidden heart emoji!

How are you paying for all this?

While working our corporate jobs, we saved as much money as we could. So at this point, we are using our savings to finance our travels until our Youtube channel and blog can help us with this. However, many kind people following along on this journey have gone over and above to support us on BuyMeACoffee and with a Youtube Thanks recently!

How much money do you spend travelling?

While we want to keep our budget as low as possible, we learnt early on that to sustain a life on the road, a reasonable budget would be better. In our home country, things were definitely more affordable. But to explore South East Asia, we set a budget of USD 30 per day for both of us, including flights, stay, food and everything else.

To know more, check out our travel expense report that we publish each quarter.

What filming gear do you use?

We primarily use a Sony ZV1 and an iPhone 12 mini to vlog and click photos for the blog. While riding scooters, jumping into waterfalls and snorkelling, we use a DJI Action 3.

We also used a Sony A7III and a DJI Mavic Mini before we left home in May 2022. We chose not to carry it on this trip due to our baggage limits and to allow us to get used to living out of our backpacks.

Do you edit vlogs and run this website on your own?

We began publishing a basic version of this blog in 2017 and moved to a wordpress setup in 2019. Both of us know zero coding, but were able to design and publish this blog on our own using online tools and resources. Similarly, we learnt to edit the vlogs on our own and by learning from many video guides on Youtube.

How tall is Shish?

Shishira is nearly five feet tall, although she likes to claim that she is taller.

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