Travel expense report for Q2 2022

Travel expense report for Q2 2022

Shishira and I left home on May 15, 2022 on this little adventure of full-time travel. For a few years now, we’d been dreaming about a life on the go and so we planned to take a year off our corporate careers and explore the world. From what we had saved up until May 2022 we earmarked a portion called the full-time travel fund. Our plan is to use this money to fund the expenses of travelling around the world and living this lifestyle while also working towards earning on the go. We’ve attempted to present the expenses related to our daily travel costs (like stay, activities, etc.) and other expenses that directly support our website and making travel videos and photography.

At this point, we are still too unsure of what income streams work for us – we’ve only just about begun our Youtube journey and not eligible for monetization yet. Also, this blog is only resuming activity now in June 2022 as we begin to publish our travel blogs and free guides to the destinations we’ve explored. So there’s definitely a long way to go before either can support full-time travel.

Yes, we are (were?) accountants – so we’re going to present this in a way that makes the best sense! But if you prefer a more insightful view, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll attempt to get it right. After all, nearly everyone enjoys a little bit of math when it comes to money! 😛

Hopefully, you’ll find this full-time travel travel expense report interesting and might even inspire you to go after your dream!


In the first quarter of our full-time travel, we earned a total of INR 0 / USD 0. I know, its been tough. If you’d like to support us, scroll down to buy us a coffee, on ko-fi! 🤓

We grew from 583 subscribers (existing on May 15) to 761 subscribers (as on June 30). We published 15 new travel vlogs every alternate day. In total, we have 25 videos on the channel (including the older ones) and currently have around 91k views. You can see more details here.


In the first quarter of our full-time travel, we’ve spent money on the below categories:

  • Flights: INR 20,854 / USD 264
    • Chennai (India) to Port Blair (India)
    • Port Blair (India) to Kolkata (India)
  • Stay: INR 24,545 / USD 311 – Hotels, homestays and rooms rented in Port Blair, Havelock, Neil, Diglipur and Kolkata
  • Food: INR 26,517 / USD 336 – Breakfast (sometimes), lunch, snacks and dinner; includes water too
  • Sightseeing and activities: INR 6,992 / USD 89 – Boat trip to Ross & Smith Islands in North Andaman, Nathu La Pass and tickets to museums, attractions 
  • Transport: INR 14,073 / USD 178 – Rides on the local city bus, autorickshaws, interstate bus, train and inter-island ferries
  • Other expenses: INR 1005 / USD 13 – Misc. items like photocopies, soap, laundry, medicines and more
  • Flights 22% 22%
  • Stay 26% 26%
  • Food 28% 28%
  • Transport 15% 15%
  • Sightseeing and activities 7% 7%
  • Others 1% 1%

This totaled up to INR 93,986 or USD 1,190 for 47 days of travel. Across these days the average cost of travel came to INR 2,000 or USD 25 per day including flights or INR 1,556 or USD 20 per day excluding flights for both persons together. 

So this month, our cost of travel was INR 778 or USD 10 per day, per person.


    With no actual income and considering the above expenses, we are at -INR 93,986 (-USD 1,190). Our goal is to bring this into the green zone by the end of the year 2022.

    Picture Postcard Summary!

    The highlight of this quarter was the evenings we spent on the beautiful blue beaches of Havelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India! If you want to see this unreal side of India, we highly recommend you visit the archipelago soon! 🤩

    Nav & Shish

    Do you have any suggestions or want us to add more details on this report? Let us know in comments below.


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