How To Get A Myanmar Tourist Visa

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How To Get A Myanmar Tourist Visa

Getting a Myanmar Tourist Visa is a very smooth and easy process. If you belong one of the many countries whose citizens are eligible for the Myanmar visa on arrival scheme, thats even better. But, so does the Myanmar Evisa process which makes enterring Myanmar smooth and straightforward.

In this blog post, you’ll find everything that you need to know to get your Myanmar tourist visa including details on documents required for the electronic tourist visa (or Evisa) and the immigration experience at Yangon International Airport.

How to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa

There are three ways to apply for a tourist visa for Myanmar (Burma). They are:

  1. Through the embassy/consulate
  2. Visa on Arrival
  3. Electronic Visa or Evisa

Applying for an Evisa is the easiest of the three. You only have to fill a few basic details and pay a fee using an international Debit Card or a Credit Card. The processing time is incredibly short – it took us less than 12 hours to get our Evisa for Myanmar.


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Application form and procedure for Myanmar Evisa

Fill an application form on the Myanmar eVisa website here.

It takes less than ten minutes to fill in all the details including name, passport information, entry point, etc. There is a section where you must provide a local address. You can also provide the address of the accommodation where you intend to spend the first night. Accommodation for all nights is not required.

Once the application is filled, add your card details and make the payment of the USD 50 visa fee. You should get an acknowledgement of the successful submission immediately.

Time taken for Myanmar Tourist Visa process

The Myanmar Evisa website states that a business visa or tourist visa application takes about three days to be processed. They also have an express service to process under 24 hours for an additional fee. If you are applying atleast a week before the travel date, the regular service is good enough.

Our experience: We applied for our Evisa at about 10 pm on a weekday. This was the regular application and not the express service. We received our Myanmar Evisa the very next morning before 12 pm IST via email. All we had to do next, was to print a copy to show to immigration authorities.

Can I cross land borders with the Evisa?

Yes! The Myanmar Tourist Evisa can be used to cross the over land border crossing at Myanmar’s international border with India (Moreh or Tamu villages) and Thailand (four different crossings). Crossing into/from Laos or China is hard because of the need for additional permits, but it is possible there as well.

If you need more information or help in getting your Tourist Visa to Myanmar, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


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