A Day Trip To Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

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A Day Trip To Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

Shivanasamudra Falls is one of the most popular one-day weekend getaways in Bangalore. This is because of its close proximity to Mandya and its great roads! This guide will help you plan a visit to the grand Gaganachukki and Barachukki falls on your own and even tell you all about its history! Ready to check it out?

In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan a trip to Shivanasamudra Falls in Karnataka. This guide contains details on the Gagana chukki and Bara chukki Falls. It includes details on how to get there and best time to visit too! In addition, enjoy these beautiful photos of the waterfalls.

Our experience of visiting Shivanasamudra

Shivanasamudra is one of southern Karnataka‘s most popular waterfalls! It had been on our weekend travel getaway list for a long time! So we decided to head out to witness Gaganachukki and Barachukki falls in their thunderous glory when the monsoon arrived in June!

Shivanasamudra is just a few hours’ drive away from Bangalore city. The roads were good and the drive took us through beautiful paddy and sunflower fields. We spent a good two hours at the Shivanasamudra falls! Both the Gaganachukki and Barachukki falls are beautiful. However, we enjoyed Barachukki a lot more for its raw grandeur! In conclusion, the day trip was very enjoyable. We even had some yummy snacks at a nearby stall. Therefore, we’ve put together this little easy-to-use guide to the Shivanasamudra Falls.

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About the Shivanasamudra Falls

The Kaveri river has long been the lifeline of south Karnataka. It divides the two districts of Chamarajanagar and Mandya as it meanders through the uneven terrain of the Deccan Plateau. Two groups of waterfalls were formed a few kilometers apart from each other. As a result, the streams created the island of Shivanasamudra in between. The first group of falls is called Gaganachukki. The second group to the south-west is called Barachukki falls. However, many visitors often mistakenly assume that both waterfalls are the two sides of the larger Bara chukki Falls.

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The Gaganachukki Falls is very thunderous. In addition, it features a towering vertical drop. On the other hand, Barachukki Falls is huge and falls over a longer distance and a shorter height. After that, the water flows into the ravine and continues eastwards.


Best view points at Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls

Gaganachukki falls: You can admire this waterfall from two different view points. One is the Shiavanasamudra Watch Tower. The other one is the Darga Hazrath Mardane Gaib Islamic shrine. 

Barachukki Falls: This waterfall is much easier to access. The local government has constructed an expansive viewpoint with multiple floors and stairways. In addition, there are many seating options and the stairway to the base of the falls is opened in safer months. However, the access is restricted during the monsoon months due to the rising water levels.

History of Shivanasamudra Falls

Did you know that the Shivanasamudra falls is home to one of Asia’s oldest hydroelectricty power plants? It was built in 1902. It was the second power generation station in colonial India. The station was commissioned by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir K Seshadri Iyer. The power generated here was used in Kolar Gold Fields during the gold rush of the early 1900s!

Tip: The Karnataka Power Corporation provides special permissions to allow visitors into the power station. Make sure to enjoy a ride in the old British winch lift car at the station.

If you want to visit another similar power station, visit the Sharavathi Hydroelectric project in Shimoga!

Height of the Shivanasamudra Falls

Shiavana samudra is a segmented waterfalls which occurs where the water flow is split into multiple smaller streams before they drop over a cliff. As a result, it actually creates multiple smaller waterfalls next to each other. The falls are over 300 metres wide and a height of 98 metres! Thats pretty big! The outflow volume is about 18,887 cubic metres per second when flood gates of the upstream dam are opened. This usually occurs in the monsoon season between June to September.

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How to get to Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls is about 140 kms from Bangalore city. It is a 2 hour drive on the Bangalore-Mysore highway till Mandya with a deviation into Malavalli town from where it takes another 1.5 hours. It is best to do a roadtrip in a car.

There are daily buses plying from Bangalore to Malavalli (Mandya) and from there to Shivana samudra. It is recommended to get off at Satya Gala Hand Post and walk the remaining 2 km distance to the falls. However, you will find autorickshaws at the bus stand to take you to the falls.

Tip: There is a small vehicle fee of INR 20 at the Bara chukki Falls gateway which is maintained by the Karnataka Forest Services. There is an INR 10 ticket to walk down the stairway to the base of the falls.

Like playing in waterfalls? We enjoyed this one in Honnavar so much!

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Where to eat at Shivana samudra

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) operates a hotel and restaurant between Gagana chukki and Bara chukki Falls. There are small bhel puri shops and steamed corn sellers right outside the view point. You can drink fresh Sugarcane juice.

There are many smaller hotels and rustic cafes enroute to the view points. However, there are many premium restaurants once you reach Malavalli town or the Bangalore Mysore Highway at Mandya. We personally love Kamat Loka Ruchi at Ramanagar on the way for its mouthwatering Jowar Roti meals!

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Best time to visit Shivanasamudra Gaganachukki Barachukki Falls

The monsoon season is the best time to visit Gagana chukki and Bara chukki falls. we visited in the last week of August again in the second week of September. The water level was at its modest best. We heard from the locals that July is when the water capacity is at the highest as the dams also release water upstream.

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Curious to see more of India? After all, it is called Incredible India for a reason. It is home to so much of diversity and beautiful nature. See out entir collection of blog posts on India here.

If you have more questions or want to explore Karnataka with us, please write to us – we’d be very happy to help!

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