Experience Seaside Luxury On Reunion Island

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Experience Seaside Luxury On Reunion Island

Forget about the clichéd honeymoon destinations you see all your friends heading to and experience a whole new place on Reunion Island that’s ultra luxurious yet incredibly affordable. This is one of those cities where we’ve let the purse-strings loose with absolutely no regrets!

In this blog post, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan a visit to La Saline Les Bains, a city on the West Coast of Reunion Island, including how to get to Saline Les Baines, staying at the swanky Ness By D-Ocean, and spending endless hours in the crystal blue sea.

Ness By D-Ocean, a luxury resort at Saline Les Bains

Just down south of St. Gilles, is La Saline Les Bains, a town known for its beautiful beaches and soulful Creole culture. But our stay at Ness By D-Ocean became the most enjoyable experience on the West Coast! We found the staff very warm and friendly, and in particular, Ms. Lysiane, who made our stay very pleasant. Despite being a beautiful 4 star resort and spa, it is incredibly affordable for how it spoils you with its luxury: a perfect choice for a Honeymoon in Reunion Island.

Our experience on the west coast:

We stayed in the Junior Suite (our first time ever!) which had a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. The beautifully landcaped gardens, an infinity pool and a path to the beach captivated our sight everytime we stepped out to the balcony. We enjoyed the soft roar of the sea in the early morning and the prolific hues of twilight in the evening. We also enjoyed the warm infinity pool after dark when it was actually quite chilly due to the sea breeze.

Breakfast is an absolute hoot! The Chefs at Ness By D-Ocean sure know how to make a delicious spread. We spent about an hour or more each morning making our way slowly through the delectable buffet – we can never forget that fresh Orange juice!

Check out the rooms at Ness By D Ocean

Beach day at Plage de la Saline

The beach in front of Ness By D-Ocean is the one of the most popular beaches on the West Coast of Reunion. Thanks to coral lagoons which stretch hundres of metres out into the sea, the water is calm and very safe for swimming! 

Tip: Make use of the shacks inside the resort to grab a fresh fruit juice while lazing on the beach.

Pick the room with the best view of the West Coast

Junior suites are the ones with the best views and have a kitchenette, a living room and a full size bedroom. Besides, that view of the sea is a must have! But if you are looking for something simpler, the garden view room or the classy mountain view room are both great choices.

Tip: Sea facing rooms on the left section of the resort have a much better view of the Sunset.

Stay at Ness By D Ocean

Explore the Tropical Gardens in the resort

Ness By D-Ocean has a wonderful Tropical Garden patch between the indoor restaurant and the infinity pool. The plants growing there include varieties found in most other parts of the island, including areas higher up in the mountains. 

Relax at the in-house Spa

The resort also features a Hammam and Spa facility behind the gardens. The Coconut Grove restaurant overlooks the beach and the turquoise lagoon. There is another shack, called the Sand Bar for a more relaxed conversation by the sea.

Tip: The gardens are a great spot to shoot some nice photographs. Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff to click one for you!

How to visit Saline Les Bains on the West Coast

The best way to reach Saline Les Bains from St. Denis is by road. Renting a car is the most recommended way of exploring Reunion Island. There are a few scheduled intercity buses which connect Saline Les Bains with other cities.


Staying at the Ness By D-Ocean – is it suitable for Visa?

Indian and Chinese nationals can get a visa-on-arrival to visit Reunion Island. But this facility is only available if the visitor has certified hotel bookings only. Ness By D-Ocean is a certified property and our visa letter was issued successfully.

How many days to spend in Saline Les Bains, West Coast Reunion

Spend atleast two nights in Saline Les Bains for the best experiences. The town is one of the main points on the West Coast to visit the many waterfalls, the valleys at La Maido and the viewpoint of Cap Noir (see image below). It is also connected with the Cirque of Cilaos by a highway.


Suggested itinerary for visiting the West Coast of Reunion Island:

Day one: Drive to La Maido viewpoint and spend half a day marvelling the views. Return to Ness By D-Ocean by the afternoon for sea-kayaking or a lazy evening at the beach. Dine at the romantic beachfront restaurant – its quite charming!

Day two: Go running on the beach and feast on a hearty breakfast at the complimentary buffet! With the concierge’s help, take a helicopter ride from the town to the Cirques for a whole new perspective of the island, flying through the valleys, over the waterfalls and even the volcano! Later, stop over at Bassin Des Cormorans for a quick swim in the Waterfall’s pool. Return to Ness for another beautiful sunset which you’ll never forget.

Stay at Ness By D Ocean


Eating out in Saline Les Bains

The restaurants in Saline Les Bains offer a wide variety of cuisines and dishes. Most streetside cafes are reasonable priced too. Vegetarians will find the variety limited in most places, but pizza, fries, salads and fruits are easily available.

Plan a personalised visit to Réunion Island with Anne from NamastéIndia

Reunion Island is called the L’ile Intense or “The Intense Island” because of the extreme range of beauty, culture, and wild activities it encourages travellers to engage in! If Saline Les Bains was not enough a reason for you to plan a visit to Reunion, then here are a few more reasons to spark that desire to visit the island.

If you have questions on a planning a visit to Reunion Island, write to us now!


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