Why You Must Visit Reunion Island!

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Why You Must Visit Reunion Island!

Out in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is one of the most beautiful islands to visit. Its called ‘The Intense Ile’ for a reason – from the turquoise blue sea, luxury resorts to the delicate cloud forests and even raging volcanoes – it’s got everything you’d look for in a vacation!

In this blog post, you’ll find so many convincing reasons to visit Reunion Island in Africa, including a list of places that overwhelmed us and are sure to excite you like never before! Are you ready for it?

Explore some of the prettiest villages in the World

If you thought that only villages in Europe were beautiful, wait till you see Hellbourg and Cilaos in Reunion Island. Both cities took our breath away in an instant with the bright, colourful houses surrounded by the towering mountains of the island, and the clouds floating just above the lush forest canopies!

Visit Reunion Island

Go wandering, hiking and even camping in the wild

The forests in Réunion Island are perfect to get lost in! There are almost no carnivorous animals making it very safe to even camp in the national parks all over the island. The tropical rainforests, delicate cloud forests and innumerable waterfalls scattered all around will make you feel so fresh and energetic!

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Swim in the most beautiful beaches in the World

No tropical island holiday is complete without beach days like these! The beaches in Reunion Island are absolutely beautiful, with white sand and turquoise blue water, and the coconut palm fringe swaying against the gentle sea breeze. And these beaches also happen to have some of the most luxurious resorts! 

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Roadtripping is an everyday thing here

Nearly every island highway is a special road to drive on: by the beach, through the villages, into forest patches, up through the mountains and down to the valleys and craters. The 400 Curve Road in Cilaos is a challenging but hugely rewarding route thanks to the beautiful view points and wild campsites all along.

Stunning waterfalls and adventure sports

Those magnificent waterfalls aren’t just for admiration, they are the best places to go Canyoning. There are so many activities to do like rapelling down from a tree into the lake, free-falling into a natural pool and sliding down rapids and natural waterslides, all while deep inside lush green forests! Can you imagine how awesome that could be?

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Experience vintage themed luxury in the South

Reunion Island isn’t all about the outdoors alone; some of the cities have the best hotels you can stay in! And if you take a stroll into St. Pierre, the largest city on the Southern Coast, you’ll find charming alleys with colorful shops just waiting to be used as a movie setting.

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Visit an active volcano up close

Ever seen a volcano in eruption? The Piton Des Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the Indian Ocean! It is also so easily accessible, that you can just drive up to a few kilometres from the tip and look at the lava flowing in all of its glory. Ah, mother nature is so stunning!

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Experience the warmth of Africa’s Creole culture

Creole is a wonderful medley of African, French and Indian traditions that came together during the early colonial era. In the big cities like St. Denis, you’ll find grand Hindu Temples and classic European Cathedrals right by each other, and youthfull vibes blaring out from the candy grafitti across the street.

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How safe is it to visit Reunion Island?

It is probably the safest place in the Indian Ocean, thanks to the high standard of living and French governance! And those sharks in the sea? The lagoons are completely safe, thanks to the coral reefs at the outer edge. So swimming in those designated spots is totally peaceful.

The only problem is, if you go to Reunion once, you may find yourself wanting to go back again and again to that absolutely stunning paradise!

Are you ready to go to Ile de La Reunion?

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  1. Johan Swiegers

    My wife and I visited La Réunion in 2011 and had some unforgettable experiences. It truly is worth visiting if you like islands like we do!


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