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10 Best Travel Movies

Looking for the best travel movies to watch at home? Here’s a bunch of our favourite movies about travel and the best travel films. Some of these movies have inspired us to travel, and hopefully it will inspire you to travel too! 

In this blog post, you’ll find a list of inspiring travel movies which will not only satiate your wanderlust from home, but will also inspire you to plan that long-over due trip or just get out there to explore this beautiful world!

Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

This movie inspired us so much! Not for travel and wanderlust alone, but for the beautiful landscape photography and cinematography too. 

Walter Mitty, a man who becomes a heroic version of himself everytime he day dreams, is actually a normal guy with a mundane routine. When his job is at stake, the sole bread winner for the family decides to embark on a journey that most of us (other ordinary people) would only dream of!

Starting with the most amazing sceneries in the North Atlantic, ordinary Walter Mitty convinced us that travel is for everybody! You just need to find your reason to go, however far you can.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Eat Pray Love

Taking us through Italy, India and finally beautiful Bali in Indonesia, Eat Pray Love is a moving medley of so many strong emotions!

The story is beautifully woven around Elizabeth, a woman in search of her inner peace. The story narrates how she experiences her self, her mind and her heart through the three most important facets of human life. Starting with a culinary escapade through Italy where she re-learns to indulge in delicious food, she jaunts to India. There she gives her soul another lease of freedom with meditation. Eventually, she goes to Bali where she gives herself the chance to fall in love with life again,

Each of these places are shown so beautifully and the movie is definitely worth watching!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Three best friends from School – Arjun, Imraan and Kabir decide to go on Kabir’s bachelor party trip to southern Europe to fulfil a long overdue fantasy!

In this roadtrip, each of them gets to do one ultimate sport of their choice while the other two simply must join! Amidst the chaos and fear of heights, animals and depths, the three friends who were nearly going apart because of work lifestyles, come together closer than before. Along the way, they learn about life in each other’s perspectives and even find love.

A beautiful lesson on seizing the day, everyday and definitely worth watching!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Into The Wild

This movie truly shows the essence of what solo travel is about – but not in the way we perceive it normally.

A boy from a wealthy family, top of his class at university with a promising career path ahead, begins to look at life differently. He turns away from the rat race to look for joy and happiness, something we’ve all forgotten in the quest to live ‘a better life’. Leaving his possessions, the boy Christopher makes his way up north from his home in the USA to the state of Alaska. Along the way he briefly meets more people on similar quests in life in search of lost joy. Regarded as one of the best travel movies in the world, this is a must watch!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


An unpredictable roadtrip is sometimes all you need. And if you’re driving down in lush green Karnataka and Kerala during the monsoon it gets even better!

Avinash and Shaukat embark on a journey to sort out a misunderstanding between grieving families and along the way, a quirky teenager joins them. As she disrupts their calm journey with her tantrums and craze, each of the three begin to bond over their perspective in life.

The most enjoyable parts of the movie are indeed the monsoon scenery and the drive from Bangalore to Kochi. Well worth watching this movie for some roadtrip inspiration!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Indiana Jones, the series

If you like adventure and exotic, mysterious locations, then you’ll absolutely enjoy watching the Indiana Jones series!

An Archeology professor has a very risky hobby – being a tomb raider! Indiana Jones goes on to save important artefacts and goblets of great world power hidden away from society for centuries before they fall into the wrong hands. His quests take him to Egypt, Sudan, Cambodia, India and even Jordan. He also takes us on his city-escapades in Germany, America and China.

Watch the entire series in chronological order for the best experience!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight

One of man’s greatest fantasies comes alive in this three-movie franchise. A young traveller passing through the heart of Europe, meets a beautiful young woman heading back home from Budapest on a train. Together, they get off at Vienna, Austria to spend the entire night with each other. And in the twelve house leading up to Sunrise, they fall in love.

Based on a real life story which had a contrasting ending, this movie is regarded as one of the best romantic travel movies of all time! In fact, two successful sequels followed with similar themes and the trilogy became a hit!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


This is a story about a young woman who goes on her honeymoon alone after her wedding falls apart in the last minute. It shows the stages of fear and anticipation in a solo traveler’s mind while also inspiring us with the curiosity to go travel independently.

The beautiful sceneries and city scapes across Europe and the deep sense of freedom for a girl traveling solo come together wonderfully to break stereotypes that girls cannot travel alone!

As she moves between places and meets more people, she begins to feel a new lease of life. Its much like what a few young solo traveling women have often talked about.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

James Bond

There’s no jet setter like James Bond! Travelling since the 1960s, all over the world, James Bond has visited more countries than most of us. And the best part?

Every movie showcases at least one amazing country as 007 tries to keep the world safe. Egypt, Greece, The Netherlands, India, USA, Eastern Europe, Russia and even the Far East – these are some of the places shown very beautifully in the movies.

The older movies in the series have many comical scenes too and the technology that James Bond uses is so cutting edge for its time! Well worth watching the whole series.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


Haha, there’s no movie like EuroTrip, if you know what we mean! After bring dumped on his gradutation day, American boy Scott and his best friends get together and go to Europe in search of his online pen-pal. Having thought of his pen-pal as a friend all along, he suddenly realises that she was always interested in him and finds himself falling for her. But there’s one problem – she lives in Germany!

The movie has some hilarious scenes and takes the group of friends through parts of Eastern Europe before they finally reach Berlin.

Definitely worth watching this crazy movie with some travel-crazy friends!

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Are you more of a book worm? Here’s a list of the best travel books to get you started on a wanderlust reading fest!

Either way, books or movies, travel themed content is a great way to relax and spend some time with family, or even your date! Maybe, you can even have a cooking session and then start off a Travel Movie Marathon!

Now that you’ve got your inspiration, may we help you find an awesome destination to visit and explore? Read about all the destinations here! If you have suggestions or more movies to recommend, we’d love to hear from you!


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    Hampi, a Marathi travel movie!

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    wow..these travel movies seems to be very interesting i have watched the bollywood series and yeah they are very awesome…Thanks for sharing the rest…


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