Russia CityPass: Worth buying? Yes!

Exploring the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg on foot is a great way to save money AND experience the classic Soviet architecture! But there's a LOT to see and learn about inside the Museums and other attractions in these cities!



Russia: straight out of a dream, right? Explore it within an unbelievable budget, like us!


As interesting as these are, Russia is a fairly expensive country when it comes to buying entrance tickets to most attractions - but, we found a good way to get more for the money that you are willing to spend: the Russia CityPass, one of the oldest multi-attraction passes in the country! 



In Moscow alone, you can visit just 7 attractions, with the two day pass, and still gain RUB 4,416. Thats INR 4,800 or USD 68! 
And in St. Petersburg, visiting 11 attractions over 48 hours (which is easily possible) can save at least RUB 3,555. Thats INR 3,860 or USD 55!


So, here's the question: Does it help to buy the CityPass

YES! Here's how:


Benefits of the Russia CityPass

  • Fast-Track entry to most of the attractions
  • No need to open up your wallet at every attraction - its a one time payment and all you need to do is hand them the CityPass
  • More economical and value-for-money than spending on tickets individually!
  • Excellent customer service - just dial on the local toll free number: 8-800-333-9911 (see bottom of the article)
  • Detailed information in text and references to downloadable audio-guides are included in the Guidebook 
  • Comes with a complete city map along with a metro map, bus/tram map
  • Other inclusions:
    • Discounts at restaurants (either by free dishes/drinks or cash discount on the bill)
    • Excursions and tours
    • Discounts at souvenir shops in both cities
    • Free Metro or AeroExpress rides with the Transport add-on


Moscow CityPass


Ticket Cost
(In RUB)

Kremlin (Cathedral Square) 700
St. Basil's Cathedral 700
State History Museum 700
Bunker 42 2,800
Miniature Moscow + Observation Deck (with one drink) 1,000
Hop-on-Hop-off Bus pass for 2 days 2,000
Moscow River Cruise 800
Total cost of tickets to major attractions in Moscow 8,700
2 day Moscow Pass 5,764
Benefit from Pass (minimum) 4,416



St. Petersburg CityPass

AttractionsTicket Cost
(In RUB)
Boat cruise 600
Saviour on Spilled Blood 400
Peter and Paul Fortress - Cathedral


Peter and Paul Fortress - Prison
Peter and Paul Fortress - Burial Chapel
Faberge Museum 600
Hydrofoil ferry 2 way 1,500
St. Isaac's Cathedral 250
Hop on Hop Off Bus 2,000
River Cruise - Finland 850
St. Isaac's Cathedral Colonnaded walkway 150
Aurora Cruiser 600
Total cost of tickets to major attractions in St. Petersburg 7,700
2 day St. Petersburg Pass 4,145
Benefit from Pass (minimum) 3,555


The Moscow CityPass is an electronic card which is swiped for redemption at the
ticket counters, while the St. Petersburg CityPass is issued as booklet of Coupons!


How and where to buy the Pass
  • Place your order online and receive an e-voucher from here
  • You can either ask the CityPass Team to drop the pass at your hotel (for a small 300 RUB charge) or pick it up from any of their pick up spots in town (we just got them at the counter inside the GUM, before visiting the attractions at the Red Square
  • Pick up areas are listed here
  • Payments can be made Online/Cash/Card


Attractions not included in the pass at present (but may be added soon): 

  • Hermitage Museum (Winter Palace) in St. Petersburg - RUB 700
  • Peterhof Palace and the Lower Palatial Gardens in St. Petersburg - RUB 900



The colorful walls of the Red Square, Moscow and the legendary Aurora Cruiser docked at St. Petersburg


Riding this Hydrofoil to Peterhof is very expensive, but included in the CityPass for free!


Our experience with the service team:
  • At Bunker-42, we were told that a show for CityPass holders was to be conducted only at 6:30 pm, whereas it was 4 pm then and we had other plans for the evening. We were very dejected, that we might not be able to see the Cold War Museum there, because the Bunker-42 staff were extremely rigid about not letting us in before. We decided to call the service team at CityPass. Besides being extremely helpful and clear (great English support), the kind lady contacted Bunker-42 and had them let us in early at no additional cost!
  • We had quite a few questions that we'd called their helpline for, and we can safely conclude, that their service is flawless!


Here's a little list of useful contacts:


Need more information? Write to us now! :)

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