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Russia CityPass: Worth buying? Yes!

Exploring the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg on foot is a great way to save money AND experience the classic Soviet architecture! But there's a LOT to see and learn about inside the Museums and other attractions in these cities!



Russia: straight out of a dream, right? Explore …

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Cruising on the Moskva River, Russia

The Moskva River flows through the ultra cosmopolitan city of Moscow, just as did for centuries - being the lifeline of the Russian capital. But it also happens to be one of the funnest entertainment spots in town as well! See why:


Sunset cruises on the Moskva


Every evening, i…

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Five reasons to visit Murmansk!

We've never written one of these kind of articles before, but Murmansk has become very special to our hearts after our recent trip to the Arctic Circle in Russia! And here are those five reasons that ought to convince you to go to this amazing treasure trove in offbeat Russia!



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Best time to visit Russia

Visiting the largest country in the world is actually a tricky thing to do when it comes to the right season! The details below can help you decide rather quickly to pick the right month.


The Red Square in Moscow (as seen at Mini Moscow)


Don't forget to see what we decided for …

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Russia Tourist Visa for Travellers from India

Getting a Russian tourist visa can be a little cumbersome because there is still no option for E-visa or Visa-on-Arrival for citizens of most countries at the moment. However, we've got you covered on how you can manage this very easily!


Eager to learn about the rich Russian culture?



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