What is Jordan Pass? Review and verdict: Go for it!

What is the Jordan Pass? Is it really worth buying one? How can I use it?

We've got answers to all of your questions! 



The Jordan Pass isn't just your run-of-the-mill ticket. It is an amazing little pass that actually saves you a LOT of money! The main idea behind the Jordan Pass was to encourage tourism to be a more seamless experience, without having to waste time getting in queues, coughing up a few Dinars every time you show up at the point of interest, and even make the visa process much easier.


The Jordan Pass basically comes in 3 types:

  • Jordan Wanderer (including 1 day access to Petra) - JD 70 (USD 99 or INR 6,700)
  • Jordan Explorer (including 2 day access to Petra) - JD 75 (USD 105 or INR 7,200)
  • Jordan Expert (including 3 day access to Petra) - JD 80 (USD 112 or INR 7,700)


Apart from the additional time you get to spend in Petra, there is NO difference between these passes.


The towering Treasury at Petra



What does the Jordan Pass get you? Benefits:

  • Access to 40+ attractions across the country, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites - this includes Petra, Wadi Rum and even Jerash.
  • You don't have to pay a dime at the gates!


How to buy the Jordan Pass?

  • You can pay using a credit card and buy it at any time before you enter the country, or even after.
  • The pass can be easily purchased on the Jordanian tourism website here.


Do I have to carry a print-out of the Jordan Pass?

  • You can download it onto your mobile devices - no need to carry a printout everywhere.
  • The officers manning the entry points at the attractions just scan the QR code using their mobile devices and off you go inside!


The legendary Temple of Artemis, Jerash



Do I get any extra benefits? Is my visa fee waived off?

  • If you present the Jordan Pass at immigration at Queen Alia International Airport, your visa-on-arrival charges are waived off!
  • All you have to do is spend at least three nights or 4 days in the country to get the waiver.


How long is the pass valid? How early can I buy it?

  • The Jordan Pass is valid for 2 weeks from the day of the first use (scanned at any of the included attractions).
  • A fresh, unused pass can be put to use at any point of time within 12 months from the purchase date.



Driving by the Dead Sea on a sunny December morning - it really is so colorful!



The million Dinar question - IS THE JORDAN PASS REALLY WORTH IT?


Lets make a little comparison, shall we:

Cost of buying tickets/pass for: Regular traveller Jordan Pass traveller
Visa-on-arrival charges JD 40 Waived off
One day Petra ticket JD 50Included in ticket
Jordan Wanderer Pass   - JD 70
Total JD 90JD 70


As you can see, in this table, buying the Jordan Pass works well even if you are just visiting Petra ONLY! Now, you can add the cost of all those entry tickets at other attractions that are included for free in the pass, and you'll see how much you are actually saving. 



BONUS points:

  • The baptism site of Jesus, known as "Bethany Beyond The Jordan" is one of the most important spots on the Biblical trail. The cost is JD 12 (USD 17 or INR 1200) per person and this includes the charges for the local bus service and the guide (english speaking). If you buy it as a bundle with the Jordan Pass like we did, its only JD 8 - another saving right here!


The Greek Orthodox Church at Bethany



Read about why we felt our experience at Bethany Beyond The Jordan was so surreal



Our suggestion:


You can't get a better deal on the expensive tickets that most Jordanian attractions issue. And with the visa fee waiver, it makes things so much more easier. There are great reviews about the pass all over the internet and once you buy and use it, you will actually see why!


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