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An 8 day road trip in Jordan

The BEST way to experience Jordan is by doing a full fledged road trip starting from Amman! And to see the best of the country, 8 days are a minimum. 


The lost city of Petra is Jordan's most remarkable attraction



An idea of how much a trip to Jordan can cost:

The average cost for a…

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Petra by Night - a different perspective on the Lost City

Petra by night, as the name suggests, is an amazing way of experiencing the Nabatean Kingdom city. The whole point of the show is to give curious visitors, a different perspective to marvel at this great monument!


The Al-Khazneh, or Treasury building, by day



The Petra-by-night show b…

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What is Jordan Pass? Review and verdict: Go for it!

What is the Jordan Pass? Is it really worth buying one? How can I use it?

We've got answers to all of your questions! 



The Jordan Pass isn't just your run-of-the-mill ticket. It is an amazing little pass that actually saves you a LOT of money! The main idea behind the Jordan Pass was to…

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Camping in Wadi Rum

For us, visiting Wadi Rum in Jordan has really been one of the most beautiful experiences to date. Undeniably! Read on to see why and you'll find yourself planning your own trip to the desert really soon. 


There is something magical about being in Wadi Rum


Wadi Rum means "Sand Valley" a…

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What to see in Petra

There's no denying that "Jordan" is most synonymous with the word "Petra"! 

But what does one need to keep in mind while planning a visit to the Rose City of the Middle East? Here's a Backpacksters' guide to exploring the ruins of Petra.


The panoramic view of the ancient city of Petra, as…

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