Kannur, a very special weekend retreat!

In our most recent "impromptu" roadtrip from Bangalore, we visited the coastal town of Kannur, in northern Kerala! Nearly everyone who learn of our travel plan condescendingly asked us "why Kannur, for leisure? " - and with that thought clouding our minds, we arrived here!  


A beautiful, white-sand beach - so rare on mainland India!


And it was only in the last hour that we chanced upon Chera Rocks Beach Resort, a little seaside retreat nestled between two massive, nearly private beaches. The two beaches are separated by a beautiful sandbank, and the famous Chera sea-boulders.


That little shack by the boats, thats the Chera Rocks Beach House - dreamy right?


Look no further if you need a tropical weekend getaway!


Staying at the Chera Rocks retreat turned out to be an amazing experience! For an already underrated Beachside town that Kannur is, this beach house is a cherry on the proverbial icing - with hardly any people around, the white-sand (YES!) beach looked so enticing. The thick cover of Coconut palms and bushes that lined the beach reminded us of the perfect Tropical Island experience - just look!


Golden hour just before sunset


Dense coconut foliage cuts off this beach from the public for miles on the coast


We stayed in the beach-view cottage (see below for room details) and totally recommend the experience! Built in traditional Kerala-style by Nivedh, the owner, the cottage has a porch, overlooking the Kizunna beach and the Chera rocks. Hammocks hung between the coconut trees are best for lazing around in the mid-mornings or even taking a nap in the afternoon. In fact, we even spent a good part of the night just swinging and talking, while enjoying the sea breeze!


The Hammock and the Sea


Natural spots to chill, right on the beach



Getting to Kannur:

  • Kannur is about 300 kms from Bangalore.
  • Option 1: Roadtrip
    • Road connectivity is excellent - we barely noticed any bumpy stretches
    • Scenic views all the way from Mysore, through Nagarhole, Brahmagiri forest reserves, to Iritty (before reaching Kannur)
    • No tolls - expect to drive for 7 hours (fuel cost: INR 3,000)
  • Option 2: Bus
    • A number of overnight buses ply from Bangalore and other South Indian cities to Kannur
    • The average cost of a sleeper bus ticket is about INR 700 (USD 10), from Bangalore and the journey takes about 8 hours
  • Option 3: Airplane
    • Kannur got its very own international airport in December 2018
    • Many airlines operate direct flights into Kannur from not just South India, but from the north and Middle East Asia too!
    • From Bangalore, expect to pay under INR 2,000 for the one hour journey (if booked in advance)
  • Our suggestion: DRIVE there! It is worth stopping inside the Brahmagiri Wildlife Reserve.


The drive through the Brahmagiri Forest Reserve, Coorg



Getting around in Kannur, reaching Chera Rocks:

  • Google Maps worked perfectly when we were driving around town
  • If you have taken the bus into the town, negotiate with one of the innumerable minivans (they look so adorable!) for a shared taxi ride to your destination within the city - public transport, although present, does not have the best frequency
  • Chera Rocks Beach House is 10 kms to the south of the main town area - the perfect spot, away from the hustle and bustle, whilst being in the middle of four beaches!
  • The resort also offers free pick-up services from the main town
  • Use this to reach the resort: map marker


The view from the Chera boulders



Things to do in Kannur:

If you want to explore a little of the old town, why not head to the Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach first - the largest one of its kind in Kerala

  • The beach is so wide that nearly 8 lanes of vehicles can comfortably drive, for about 4 kilometres!
  • On weekends, many visitors from neighbouring cities can be seen enjoying the waves with cars parked right by the sea - such a fun experience!
  • Use this for the map marker


The Drive-in Beach at Muzhappilangad


The backwaters at the Edakkad/Muzhappilangad beach


  • You can also visit the Lighthouse near the Payyambalam beach for great views of the Arabian sea and the coastline
  • The nearby St. Angelo Fort, a 16th century Portuguese Fort is free for visitors to explore
  • Laze around at one of the many other beaches in the town
  • Attend a show featuring the Theyyam dance - ask at the beach house, they'd be happy to set you up!


The Ezhara beach is a great one to spend the morning in


Wanna go kayaking at the Kizunna beach?



The Chera Rocks Beach House experience:

  • Consider staying in the Superior cottage for a traditional Kerala experience with modern amenities
  • All bookings include complimentary breakfast and dinner, and the spread is brilliant!
    Dinner is almost ALWAYS served right by the beach, candle-light style!
  • Apt for occasions like Anniversaries, Family time, solo retreat and group escapades - the beach house has something for everyone!
  • Room rates are listed here


Lazy day at the Chera Rocks Beach house


The superior room we spent our weekend in


Breakfast by the beach - a good mix of Indian and continental


Perfect for a couple, right? 


More activities:

  • The most exciting part about the Beach house is that it hosts Ayurvedic retreats! Nivedh can customise an itinerary for you (see contact details below).
  • Besides lazing around in the beach, you can consider exploring the foliage for some great photographs, particularly in the early mornings
    (sunrise is incredible, with the coconut trees and the sea behind)
  • Spend hours on the Coconut Swing, get your buddies and see who goes the farthest!
  • Walk up Kizunna and Ezhara beaches, especially in the mornings and evenings - the sunset is amazing!


Shishira's favourite photo spot - perfect for early morning moments!


Or just go crazy on the swing like Navneeth!


Hike up the beach for as far as you want - there's so much to see and no one around!



Things to carry along:

  • Camera (the photo spots are awesome!)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Flip-flops and a hat
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Toiletries (eco-friendly ones)
  • Yoga mat - the perfect beachside morning
  • Swimwear (the beach is bikini friendly)



Such a surreal place right?



Contact details: Nivedh (the owner of the beach house)



So, when are you heading to Kannur?


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