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Two days in Chikkamagaluru: what can you see and do?

Chikkamagaluru is one of the most popular getaways in Karnataka, India. Touted as one of the most scenic places in the Deccan plateau, this town is surrounded by some amazing lakes and mountains. 


Chikmagalur is home to the tallest peak in Karnataka


We've got some interesting …

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The Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi Temple

About 3 hours away from Bangalore, India, is a beautiful hermit temple called the Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi shrine (pronounced "Dodda-gaddha-vallee"). If you have been waiting to explore some of Karnataka's off beat getaways, this is one treasure trove indeed!


The shrines of Doddagaddavalli Lak…

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Kannur, a very special weekend retreat!

In our most recent "impromptu" roadtrip from Bangalore, we visited the coastal town of Kannur, in northern Kerala! Nearly everyone who learn of our travel plan condescendingly asked us "why Kannur, for leisure? " - and with that thought clouding our minds, we arrived here!  


A beautiful, w…

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Avani, a remnant of The Ramayana

Avani is a little town in Kolar, Karnataka. Famous for its boulder-hills, Avani offers some incredible views of the fields around and has an even more incredible story to tell! If you are intrigued by Hindu mythology, this is quite interesting!


The Ramalingeshwara Temple at Avani, a Heritage…

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Sunsets in Kutagal, Ramanagara

A place so surreal, it could easily have been mistaken for a very enchanting dream! Do you want to know where this is? Read on.


The rock formations in Kutagal, Ramanagara



The Story:

Legend has it that, a long time ago, a washerman ("Agasa") and his partner ("Agasagatti") yearned to …

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A refreshing weekend in Yercaud!

If you've been looking for a quick and quiet weekend getaway, then look no further than Yercaud, the "Lake Forest"!


The scenic drive through the Shevaroy range of the Eastern Ghats


At a distance of about 210 kms from Bangalore, the drive normally takes 5 hours with a quick pitstop for sn…

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A soulful weekend in Pondicherry

The town of Pondicherry is reminiscent of French culture and architecture even today, and is the easiest way of experiencing a little bit of France in our own country! 


Beaches, Culture and Food come together so well in Pondy!


Most visitors have the same question - "how many days do we…

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A weekend in Wayanad

Looking for the most romantic weekend getaway from Bangalore? Want to make an amazing road trip out of it? Then read on!


Romantic weekend for 2 anyone? 


Wayanad, Kerala is about 300 kms away from Bangalore. Wayanad is a beautiful hill station and most people flock there for t…

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Planning a trip to Andaman

When we began planning for our six day trip to Andaman, the first thought that clouded our minds was about which package to chose and which tour agency to go with. But when we looked up the itineraries, we decided to try and do it ourselves!

The beaches of Andaman are nothing short of stu…

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Travel tales from Andaman!

If you have been looking for your next beach destination, then look no further than Andaman!

Turquoise water and rusted boats


It has some of the most picturesque spots and idyllic beaches we have ever seen. The turquoise water, the coral reefs, the ginormous trees.. to put matter…

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