At the top of Nam Xay mountain, Vang Vieng in the rainforests of Laos

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Sunsets in Kutagal, Ramanagara 🌄

Looking for a sunset getaway from the Bangalore? One of the most impressive landscapes we've seen in Karnataka.

Read this article for some quick pointers (location marker included).



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An 8 day itinerary for Uzbekistan 🇺🇿

A perfect week in the Central Asian nation, with day-by-day details of what to see, where to eat and how to get around in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and even Khiva.

With Bonus pointers on how to budget for it too!

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Samarkand, straight out of The Arabian Nights 🧞‍♂️

Undoubtedly, Samarkand is home to the most marvellous monuments of Central Asia like the grand ensemble of the Registan. But thats not all: we've got you covered on all you need to know to explore this Silk Route City!

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Travelling back in time, at Khiva 💫

One of the greatest cities on the old Silk Route that connected Asia and Europe, is well preserved as an open air museum! Surreal right? We've got pointers for you on things to see and how to get there too.


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Bukhara: The Holiest City in Central Asia 🕌

One of the holiest cities in all of Central Asia, Bukhara is a well preserved city, with its countless mosques, captivating alleys, and the ever-enthralling architecture of the Taimurid era.

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Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan sojourn 🌿

Often overlooked as a neighbour, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is a budget traveller's paradise - here's all you need to know about this beautiful country!


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Park-Hopping in Singapore 🐘

Thinking about how to plan your visit to the most incredible zoological parks in Singapore? Look no further - here's all you need to know!


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How to experience Singapore in 4 days 🎡

Singapore is one of the most-visited countries in the world, especially for Indians. Here, we tell you about how you can plan your first-time-trip to the Lion City!



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Camping in Wadi Rum, Jordan 🐪

If you have been wanting to camp out in the desert, then you should definitely check this out! 24 hours in the land that looks like Mars.



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What to see in Petra, Jordan 🤠

Petra is one of the 7 new wonders of the world. We tell you all about the interesting spots, some tales from history and about the cost.



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Budgeting for a trip to Angkor, Cambodia 🤓

Planning a trip to Cambodia? Here's the low-down on the costing. Details on flights, hotels, VISA, food, activities and a lot more!


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Which Temples to visit in Angkor, Cambodia? 🤠

If you have been wondering about how to plan for a temple run in the Kingdom of Wonder, read all about it here!


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A weekend in Wayanad 😍

We did a little road trip to Wayanad this June and stayed at one of the best resorts in town! Want to know more about it?



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A refreshing weekend in Yercaud 🌿

Road-trip from Bangalore to the Lake Forest, in the Eastern Ghats? We've reviewed a wonderful little resort right up there in the hills. Check it out!


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A soulful weekend in Pondicherry 🏖

The paradisal town of Pondicherry is the perfect weekend getaway. Three days of beachside fun, eating french pastries and connecting with the inner self!


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Travel tales from Andaman 🏝

Join us in exploring the beautiful territory of Andaman islands, India! Read about our experiences and tips to plan a holiday for yourself.


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Planning a trip to Andaman 🏖

Read more on how you can plan your own trip to India's very own paradise island! Tips on how to get there, where to stay, how to get around, what you can do there and lots more.

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We've been best friends since we met first at fifteen. We never traveled much when we were studying, but we always had the wanderlust hidden inside. After getting married, we decided to explore the world, one step at a time and share our experiences with family and friends! 😃

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